Scorpio weekly 10 to 16 tarot february

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Virgo, moments are meant to be celebrated and shared with the ones you love. You may be ending a difficult time and now you get to enjoy happiness. Take a break. Put your feet up and experience a wonderful season in your life. Libra, sometimes you just want to play. You may feel drawn hobbies or activities that allow you to escape your everyday routine and work still calls. Tough decisions can pull at your heartstrings, and it will be important for you to keep your imagination alive while both feet remain planted in reality.

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Scorpio, you are creating a new foundation and this will help you to strengthen future prospects. There may be some things you'll have to work through first, but this venture is bound to be prosperous. Sagittarius, stay positive.


A change in your relationship has things in common with the past. Adjusting can be a challenge. Capricorn, you are doing things that you need to do but you may need some advice or guidance. If it's a legal matter, see if you can get help. If it's a personal matter, perhaps a friend will be there for you to bounce ideas off of. Aquarius, a risk-taking friend or acquaintance might not be the best person for you to hang out with right now, distance yourself then see what happens. Pisces, sometimes you may struggle with something that you are too embarrassed to talk about.

Don't be so hard on your performances. Sex Jul 17, Your sex drive's feelin' like a werewolf right about now. Monthly Horoscopes Jul 1, Monthly Horoscopes Jun 17, Monthly Horoscopes Jun 7, Relationships May 24, Don't shoot the messenger! Unless you're a Sagittarius. Entertainment May 21, Monthly Horoscopes May 20, Relationships May 17, Unexpressed expectations almost always lead to disappointment.

Financial matters might come to a head early this week. Hopefully, this will resolve something?

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It might relate to earnings or debt or something that you share with someone else. This week when it comes to money matters, you are in a practical frame of mind and you want to plan ahead so that there are no surprises down the road.

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Someone has to cover your back and it might as well be you. Fortunately, with Mars in your sign, you have lots of energy and enthusiasm to tackle any project. This week might start with a bit of tension between you and friends or partners. This tension will build until Tuesday when the only Full Moon opposite your sign all year takes place. However, what will nicely balance this is the fact that both your Sun and Mercury are aligned with Saturn and this gives you excellent self-discipline and an orderly state of mind.

You will take charge and leave no loose ends. Having said that, you will still have lots of exuberant energy that is coming out of nowhere, in a way. Make sure that your practical, sensible frame of mind saves you from impractical, financial decisions and purchases. Eh wot?

You will feel a bit of tension building up at the beginning of the week, especially related to work and your dealings with coworkers. By midweek this is over. Be smart and stick to what works for you this week and this will be your ability to do research and dig deep behind the scenes to come up with practical solutions and clever answers. You will enjoy group activities with others, especially physical sports and competitive activities because you are eager to be active, and at the same time, you want to win!

Do not be misled on Thursday by false ideals and unrealistic expectations of others. Stay grounded.

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Don't get sidetracked or upset with a friend or a member of a group at the beginning of the week, which could happen due to the Full Moon energy. By Wednesday, this threat is gone. If you are perturbed about a relationship, trust your common sense because you can see what is working and what is not. Just cut to the chase because what is the logical outcome? If you know the outcome, why waste time dithering around? Fortunately, your ambition is aroused and others will listen to you because you will present your ideas in a positive, enthusiastic way.

Like Leo, you will find Tuesday's Full Moon a tad challenging. This is because there is a tug-of-war between your responsibilities to home and family versus your responsibilities to your career. Hard to keep everyone happy. Fortunately, when it comes to your career, you have sensible, practical solutions that will impress others. Furthermore, someone older or more experienced might have good advice for you.

Never hurts to listen. Meanwhile, you might even idealize a friend this week. Easy to do because you value your friends. You're enthusiastic about future travel plans, as well as ideas related to politics, religion and racial issues. Don't leave home without your petition. And remember to take a pen.

Pay attention to everything you say and do, especially at the beginning of the week because Tuesday's Full Moon could trigger an accident-prone influence for your sign. This means if you are wise, you will stop and think before you say anything, and certainly, think before you do anything. After all, you don't want to end up with egg on your face.

scorpio weekly 10 to 16 tarot february Scorpio weekly 10 to 16 tarot february
scorpio weekly 10 to 16 tarot february Scorpio weekly 10 to 16 tarot february
scorpio weekly 10 to 16 tarot february Scorpio weekly 10 to 16 tarot february
scorpio weekly 10 to 16 tarot february Scorpio weekly 10 to 16 tarot february
scorpio weekly 10 to 16 tarot february Scorpio weekly 10 to 16 tarot february
scorpio weekly 10 to 16 tarot february Scorpio weekly 10 to 16 tarot february
scorpio weekly 10 to 16 tarot february Scorpio weekly 10 to 16 tarot february

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