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A physical compartmentalizing of the terror they represent. A fear that is never investigated. A necessary shadow coming to disrupt the white knuckle vigilance that likes to masquerade as harmony. Libra rules decorum. They say we sleep to let the demons out—to let the mind go raving mad, our dreams and our nightmares, all our logic gone awry, the dark side of our reason. And when the daylight comes again… comes order with it. Libra sits in the Zodiac square to Capricorn.

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Formidable and powerful, they are positioned to stare down Libra placements with penetrating intensity of all that dark side of reason. Saturn and the South Node throw us into deep reckoning - it shows up at our door as the terrifying nothing that haunts the play. It throws us into shadow, the past, residues of what has already happened. It announces itself as the smell of shit. Unpleasant, yes, but a necessary part of processing. To Libra, this feels unsettling. To Libra, conflict feels terrifying.

To Libra, falling feels like failing. Libra needs to be reminded in all its diplomacy and decorum that there is no such thing as neutral. Yet avoidance is not peace. Not choosing is its own answer. Some fear cannot be run from but must be faced. While some terrors should not be invited into the house. True balance means a direct engagement with that formidable dance of gravity and gravitas. The thousand tiny falls that make up balance. This Libra season what do you consent to collaborate with? What balance is worth the risk of the fall?

That anxiety has created currents of exhaustion, overwhelm, and an array of emotions springing up from overstimulation. The range of types of experience is very broad. Whatever found its way to your door, I wish you the wisdom to know how to greet it. I send you love. The tone will shift this weekend. Early Thursday, the moon slid into the warm waters of Pisces. In Pisces, the Moon opposes all the Virgo energy, creating a dynamic polarized charge.

Friday sees the Moon full in the sign of the fish. Beyond the dialectical universe, Pisces, the last sign, invites us to release the constant cataloguing, editing, and critiquing of Virgo proficiency and sweetly beckons us let go! Pisces is where we lay our burdens down. Pisces is the river in all those songs about God. The river moves us. Its flow is the infinite fecundity of faith - a horizon of inebriating relief. Pisces energy reveres this channel and understands its intoxicating potency. Virgo can see the beauty in this but reminds us to get a boat lest we drown in all that wet beauty.

I always laugh a bit when people talk about our culture not having dance rituals when most weekends you can find people dressing up in their best Venus drag, dissolving into dances in the darkness, toasting the night with cups overflowing with spirits.

Virgo Full Moon: February 25, 2013

We cut the cords of control and angels emerge, monsters make themselves known, unconscious ceremony begins. Pisces knows that consciousness is often overstated and sometimes overrated. Relief is necessary, especially right now. We need the river. Yet, just like the literal rivers of this Earth, our rivers of relief have been polluted by the grip of empire, patriarchy, and capitalism.

Generations of trauma and shame choke our channels and strangle our pleasure, our faith, our joy. To Pisces everything is everything and everything is magic. Pisces reminds us that all of our habits are rituals, all of our words are prayers. The full moon is asking for this too in all the sweet wetness of Pisces longing. Prayers get strengthened the more you repeat them.

Virgo Full Moon - Detailed Illuminations - Astrology & Tarot w/Philip Daniel Miles

What prayers are you repeating? What rituals are you running over and over? What needs to go? What new ceremony needs to begin? If you follow astrology you have probably thought of Uranus tenure in Taurus at this point. Uranus is the great awakener. Like fire, these tools can be frighteningly dangerous or spectacularly exciting.

Taurus is the Earthiest of earth signs, full-bodied and undeniably real. Like the evening bellow of a foghorn cutting through an obfuscating cloud, these words entering my ear struck a soothing but mournful tone. A confirmation of something I think we all already know. A keyword for talking Uranus is innovation, but often our thinking about innovation bears the mark of the Fool. The naivete of the upward gaze. It meets the compulsory condition of night, of darkness, with an anesthetizing innovation of a constant up, a permanent daytime of infinite screens.

Even as I sit writing, the innovations of this world make it easy for these thoughts to find you through the upward thrusts of our incessant daylight; as I sit, my upward gaze has landed motionless and terrified over and over on the same pixelated picture of the burning Amazon… But. If we look to myths, all downward journeys require sacrifice. Follow most myths down into the underworld and something must always be given up. Though there are massive large-scale systemic shifts that absolutely MUST happen, the truth of our downward journey into Taurus is that everyone has to sacrifice. Every single one of us has to change.

Every single one of us has to give things up. If that is an easy sentence to read, read it again. No sign understands sacrifice like Virgo. Its correlation to the Virgin knows that to abstain is a sacred act. If Uranus announces a call to wake up, Virgo is a sign that can hear that call.

Virgo rules service. The sun, Venus, and Mars are all in Virgo preparing to make trines to Uranus. What past is speaking to us now? What wailing comes from under our feet? Can we redirect our focus from the upward longing for transcendence and fall into the immanence the holds us from below?

Can we decolonize our ideas about innovation away from forward thrusts of up up up and dig deep into the down? Remember that, while Virgo holds the sacard details, Virgo cannot hold every detail at once. Virgo is easily overwhelmed. Decide where you will locate your efforts, then show up to those places with dedication and devotion. Look down to claim your place, your life, your present. Look back to claim your past, your responsibilities, your people. We could all take a cue from the virgin and swear an oath of celibacy from those forces that try us and force our focus up, out, and away.

Our attention, energy and efforts are powerful. Starve the places that uselessly exhaust you. Abstain from penetration by forces that would see you needlessly suffer. As this week finds the moon sliding into her holy dark phase, find time for quiet. The new moon on Friday carries a seed. Use the dark phase to lay rich soil for its sprouting. Water the Earth with your holy tears.

There are huge stories unfolding here. Which houses are they? Do you have planets or points here? What big changes and shifts has Uranus in Taurus been announcing? What about Saturn and Pluto? It rules what is real. Our bodies, our blood, our belongings, the Earth itself. What is changing in this realm for you?

How can you show up to the changes with Virgo style devotion and dedication. The key with Virgo energy is showing up for the right tasks. Virgo can be exacting on literally everything. It can waste its efforts toiling over minutiae. Then get to work! Grand trine is when all three expressions of the element personal, interpersonal, and transpersonal are all speaking in flowing energy. The flow is not necessarily sweetness when we look at the points of the triangle. Uranus Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node all signal big excavation and total change. Aquarius concerns itself with freedom, but always within context.

Aquarius orients itself towards a reactive freedom. I love this quote. I sometimes think of Aquarius as the sort of companion-species energy of the zodiac. Even one of the oft-told myths of Aquarius, the abduction of Ganymede, tells the story of a boy abducted by Zeus and brought to live among the gods as their cupbearer, companion animal, or queer pet. Freedom is a tricky word, as easily weaponized as it is idealized. Like a firework, it ignites brilliant yet potentially dangerous responses.

How do I talk about the potential of a concept like freedom in a world that holds the prison industrial complex, child slavery, still-unmitigated worldwide effects of the Atlantic slave trade, border detention camps? Aquarius lives in the tension of this question. Aquarius will always look for the negative space—for what has been left out. Leo concerns itself with the flipside of freedom.

With its roaring YES! Leo wants to know what freedom feels like. Leo knows how to let that feel good. Freedom is something people take, and people are as free as they want to be. In this friction, Aquarius sacrifices the self while Leo clings to it. How do we resist these pitfalls, while still living in that inescapable tension? While still insisting on freedom?

Wisdom tells me I am nothing. Love tells me I am everything. And between the two my life flows. These are part of major shifts. Nobody needs astrology to know any of this; a quick glance at the news should have all of us in the tension of the Aquarius question. All of us have a part to play in creating a freer and more loving world. Remember that this world needs a diversity of tactics. We need to celebrate that. Aquarius reminds Leo that sacrifice is sacred.

Leo reminds Aquarius that so is the self. This full moon, spend some time thinking about which side of the polarity needs attention right now. Accept that these are long-haul tensions and work to find balance. How do we do that without detaching? Can we do that and stay sensitive, alive, and joyful?

If this is all too much to sit with alone, find your people and talk to them about it. Aquarius and Leo both know how much we need each other in networks of loving solidarity that hold both accountability and applause. That means they will always highlight a set of signs that are in opposition to one another. Jupiter is the ruler of both Sagittarius and Pisces, mutable energies concerned with blending, hybrid states of warm connection. Jupiter blends experience and thought and creates meaning. Jupiter sits with us when we read a passage in a book that suddenly links a feeling with meaning.

Jupiter is with us when find ourselves breaking bread among friends. Jupiter is the energy in your hand as you give that person a five-dollar bill without question or condition. Jupiter is expansion, generosity, meaning, abundance, joy. Saturn is the ruler of both Capricorn and Aquarius energies that concern themselves with structure, In Capricorn, Saturn is concerned with structures that already exist and already are imbued with power.

It supports authority and systemization. Saturn separates things and pressurizes them.

Ruler of time, Saturn can see beyond the personal and concerns itself with limitation, contraction, control, endings, and hard hard work. Schaim used this map of joy as a means of steering the conversation towards the crucial question of building equity by inscribing political questions into technical considerations. Astrology can get stuck in the mud around the personal. When time was up and we were all supposed to leave, half the room remained in their seats not wanting the conversation to end.

Moon Phases Calendar – Astrology King

As I write, the negativity bias pounds aggressively on my skull. Like an attentive conductor, I have to keep faithful watch to steer the train of my thoughts away from the chasm of negativity that seems to spread out endlessly in front of me. A crucial lens that has me squinting at hope. Antiscia says that while they may not see each other, they can see each other via shadow; they can see each other through a sort of squinting at darkness.

Antiscia reminds me that, often, shadow is on the horizon, that darkness is what spreads out in rolling landscapes before us. The future is dark, with a darkness as much of the womb as the grave. There is so much in the relationship of Sagittarius and Capricorn in these statements, a queer blending of Jupiterian positivity and Saturnine responsibility. You can almost feel the mingling. To put it in astrological language, we might consider that Jupiter happens through Saturn.

Jupiter is the literal child of Saturn, born into tremendous struggle. Jupiter overthrew his father and liberated his siblings. What blessing was not born of contexts of struggle? Meaning must always follow experience. Jupiter will always be the child of Saturn. Even in shadow-side expressions, unearned Jupiterian privilege finds roots in Saturnine servitude and exploitation. To use Antiscia as a poetic device, one could say that the work of now is squinting at shadow. I love you more than all the fires. Like Saturn, our bodies hold time for us, they remember.

Like Jupiter, our bodies are born holding capacity to liberate our siblings. Like Jupiter, our bodies believe we will win. If you have some power, then your job is to empower somebody else. To risk release is to create generative and creative relationships with this darkness, to allow Jupiter to be born of Saturn. Imagine yourself not swallowed in the belly of the beast, but buried in the womb of time.

Gestation requires darkness. Grief is darkness practice. Healing is darkness practice. Intimacy is darkness practice. Hope is darkness practice. This is a time to unbury your generosity, to invite warmth into the darkness, to find faith in the unknowable. It is an axe you break down doors with in an emergency. Hope should shove you out the door, because it will take everything you have to steer the future away from endless war, from the annihilation of the earth's treasures and the grinding down of the poor and marginal To hope is to give yourself to the future and that commitment to the future is what makes the present inhabitable.

Thank you. Our retrograde Mercury slid back into the rough waters of Cancer BUT much of the intensity brought up in June and July is softening and hopefully offering itself for processing. The movements of the personal planets into Leo increase warmth - my hope is it is heating you up beyond the literal and warming the sweetness of your hearts. Leo is ruled by the sun, something as simple as getting outside feeling the sun's warmth on your skin can make a world of difference to the animal of the body.

Leo rules the stage and the spotlight. There are three astrological events of note this week. Use the new moon on Wednesday to combine these energies and commit to an aspect of Uranus inspired change. Where are you in the story? Because Taurus and Capricorn are both earth signs there should be some material place you can point to.

Some very real aspect of your life that is shifting. Now with Leo joining the conversation. Leonine boldness can sweeten the situation. The shapes these tools take are often intense! Uranus can be a surprise or a shatter, an innovation or an ending. I am reminded of the fine line between excitement and anxiety. As you are learning astrology, see where these aspects are activating your natal chart.

To go deeper, book a reading or inquire about tutoring. Uranus, the awakener speaks directly to the conscious mind, the sun. How can the sun, the light of day, help reveal and activate the radical changes Uranus is trying to implement? This is particularly important if you have planets or points in the first 10 degrees of the fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius The balsamic moon flows into Cancer in the morning.

Deep in her Balsamic phase, the moon will oppose Saturn early morning, trine Neptune late morning, oppose Pluto in the afternoon, and conjoin retrograde Mercury in the evening. This is a dynamic and challenging set of aspects for sweet Luna to encounter. Remember what you feed is what will grow. What energy do you need to starve? The moon prepares for her new moon rebirth this evening by meeting both Venus and Uranus.

Mercury stands ready to turn direct! What a day! This new moon in Leo can support revelations in how you tend to yourself. Leo reminds us that like the sun, we must live from our center. With activations from Uranus, that may include some changes and course corrections. But a loose trine to Jupiter brings a blessing. A warm new moon gets blessed with a trine to brilliant Jupiter early in the day. As the fiery energy is amping up this is a day to seek hope. As Venus prepares to square Uranus remind yourself how crucial your capacity to imagine is.

What beauty are you sitting in right now that was once just a day dream. There are major changes afoot. Look for sparkles of inspiration. The moon meets mars, the warrior later in the afternoon which can make the temp spike from warm to hot. Watch for flares!

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  • Let the scales tip from anxiety towards excitement. Venus is Leo has sweetness to bring to the table. The moon weaves a web from planet to planet in a host of interactions today. Keep the Uranus story moving. Each person born on the 25th of February has a talent for communicating, information sharing and writing.

    Astrology Zodiac Signs Dates in 2021

    They will be excellent reporters, journalists, writers, and public speakers, as well as those who stand behind leading figures pointing them in the right direction. Once they find their faith in personal success, they become excellent motivational speakers too, with a potential to organize courses and education for those who need to build their self-esteem or work on their presentation. Blue iolite is the right stone for a person born on February 25th, opening their mind for imagination they need to live a fulfilled, creative life.

    This crystal helps one see and imagine things that can be brought to reality, expands inner journeys, and helps a person express their feel and inner atmosphere in a way that supports the easiness in their path.

    Full & New Moons

    It calms the brain, allowing body to regenerate and refill with energy, releasing spasms carried within. When choosing a gift for someone born on this date, you need to keep in mind that practicality plays a much bigger part in their approach to life than it might seem as you observe their Piscean nature. They are dreamers with a need to be swept off their feet, but also value things that can be used in everyday life, especially their home. Keep in mind that it is their talents that set them apart so stay in tone, choose items in their colors, and shapes they prefer, and really anything will make them happy for as long as you show recognition through details that resonate with their Soul.

    Emotional individuals with a spare plan, witty, communicative and expressive, ready to change and shift with the tides learning new things every day. Curious, smart, different from everyone you know, they will speak of things that bring magic to your world. Tainted by everything that goes through their emotional world, can be closed, bitter, or opinionated, sometimes even stubborn when detached from emotional interaction. Pisces - traits, personality, dates, characteristics and astrological sign information. Pisces man - information and insights on the Pisces man.

    Pisces woman - information and insights on the Pisces woman. Pisces compatibility - the compatibility of Pisces with the other astrological signs in love, sex, relationships and life. Pisces history - the history of Pisces and the stories behind it. Pisces symbol - images and interpretations of the Pisces symbol and ruler. Zodiac Calendar - Discover what your date of birth tells about your character, motivation and purpose in life. Pisces daily horoscope. Pisces weekly horoscope. Pisces monthly horoscope. Zodiac Signs. Language Selection:.

    february 25 full moon astrology February 25 full moon astrology
    february 25 full moon astrology February 25 full moon astrology
    february 25 full moon astrology February 25 full moon astrology
    february 25 full moon astrology February 25 full moon astrology
    february 25 full moon astrology February 25 full moon astrology
    february 25 full moon astrology February 25 full moon astrology
    february 25 full moon astrology February 25 full moon astrology
    february 25 full moon astrology February 25 full moon astrology

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