Astrology calculator for pregnancy

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It means that when going traveling or changing place of living, the position of planets against the birth map will also change. So the calculated indicators will also change. If you have to move a lot in your life time, in this way it is possible to also determine the best possible place on earth where to conceive a baby. AstroSecret developers think that a woman has the right to choose when she wants to have a baby. AstroSecret special day is indicated after the method of Dr.

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That explains the cases when women get pregnant in the so called safe days as well. Toggle navigation. About AstroSecret - the perfect mobile app for women AstroSecret offers you a unique calendar for improving the chance of conceiving. Features Why do you choose AstroSecret? Show more. Contact Do you have any questions about AstroSecret?

What is AstroSecret? For who AstroSecret is for? Who developed the application and can I trust it?

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What is the goal of application developers? Who is Dr. Eugen Jonas? What is Dr. Do you have any research that this application is based on? The research of about Dr. What is AstroSecret Special or so called yellow day? What is AstroSecret day or the white day? What do the numbers mean in each AstroSecret white day? Why in some cycles I have only white days? Why I have so little AstroSecret special or the yellow days? Where can I see the predicted sex and horoscope sign of the baby? Very often a large part of the stress involved is who decides when to cycle. This app hopes to make this decision really easy by giving couples the next three best potentially lucky times in which to try to conceive.

And how we can make the best of this method? We can use it for:

Couples will enter their birth time, date and place into the app, fill out a short medical questionnaire and within minutes the app will give a page of results of the these times, listed in chronological order. The app will take both charts into consideration and the results will be a combination of the birth data entered.

The medical questionnaire will prompt any necessary medical considerations, tests and treatments that might need to take place before conception can be attempted. So, if you are in a heterosexual relationship, then the female who intends to give birth is the gestational carrier…in a male same sex couple, this person would be the surrogate. If you are a trans couple, whichever one of you is going to be physically carrying the baby and giving birth is the gestational carrier.

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The partner of the gestational carrier is the person who is in a co-parenting relationship with the carrier, not the sperm donor. The best results are achieved when you enter an accurate birth time. However, a lot of people are not exactly sure of when they are born therefore our suggestion is to enter the time you think were born to the nearest mins. Some people think they were born between certain time frames - for example 10 and If you have absolutely no idea, then this app is unable to predict reliable times for you.

Should you still wish to consult with Nicola please contact her via fertilityastrology. You will be prompted to enter the nearest available city on the atlas, north or south of the location where you were born. Will these results change over time? No, these results are unlikely to change, unless of course your birth data was incorrect and you now have new information, in which case you will have to re-purchase.

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    Children are a gift from god to couples. The concept of mahurat of marriage was based on the logic so that the same day the conception of a child can take place at the auspicious time. The ancient folks laid great emphasis on the time of conception of the child. The child is born twice, first at the time of conception and secondly when the delivery from the womb takes place.

    astrology calculator for pregnancy Astrology calculator for pregnancy
    astrology calculator for pregnancy Astrology calculator for pregnancy
    astrology calculator for pregnancy Astrology calculator for pregnancy
    astrology calculator for pregnancy Astrology calculator for pregnancy
    astrology calculator for pregnancy Astrology calculator for pregnancy

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